V5 motors use 8-32 screws, not the old 393 motor screws

I’ve seen kids trying to use the old, 393 motor screws (size 6-32, often brassy colored) and almost get them to hold. But the old screws are not the proper size for these newer, V5 motors.

I just wanted to alert people like me (who had no idea otherwise until today) that these new V5 motors use “normal” Vex screws, the kinds of screws you might use for connecting C-channel, etc. These are size 8-32 screws.

All our old brassy motor screws have loctite on them, but the 8-32s don’t, so we have to loctite them I guess…
Also, just as I was putting the first 6-32 screw in, my friend goes, “hey V5 doesn’t use those” and I’m glad I didn’t try to use the wrong thing.

Do they still “snap” into the square holes as before?

Yes. Apart from all the orientations that used to work that no longer do