V5 Motors vs old 3 wire items

With the new V5 motors and the new VEX Code software, am I right to assume that it we really wont need to use the 3 wire Quad encoders, potentiometer, and servo. It looks like the V5 Motors will replace these items. Is there a reason to still use the old items, are the V5 motors less accurate, repeatable etc.

The motors are superior, but the 3 wire sensors serve completely different functions. Encoders might be used less now that v5 imes aren’t trash, but the rest should be used just as much

From my experience, the v5 motors are good to use for tracking the position of the drive but when using it for a lift it wasn’t accurate. Not sure if that was just a flaw with our robot or the motors.

I thought Servo is a special type of EDR motor. That wouldn’t mix with V5 motors.

They do. You just plug the 3 wires into the back of the brain
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Well, you are right… I sort of ignored servos since they aren’t used in vex very often.

Like I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use one

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