V5 "New" trade in limit???

I just noticed that “One trade-in per eligible VEX Competition team.” has been added to the bottom of the V5 trade-in offer.

I have 15 complete cortex systems and was hoping to trade them all in.

However I will only register 8 teams for next year, does this mean I can only trade in 8 sets???

From what I’ve heard thus far, that is correct. You can trade in one cortex per registered team. I could be wrong. There are coaches and EPs who could weigh in better than I could.

I would hope they would expand it some. That can really mess with teachers who run programs that aren’t just competition programs. But maybe messing with those teacher to keep a market for the remaining 393s and the like is intentional? I would like to think not.

One solution is just to register more teams. While it sucks having to pay more registration for nothing, the amount you save ends up being much more. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a significant jump in the number of teams this next season.

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Good point, the registration cost is only about half of the savings, so you still save a lot.

For me I would have to include postage from Japan, so may be close.

I imagine that the competition trade in program is one avenue for teams that want to be ready for next season and needed to “know right now so they can make decisions for the competition season.” I suspect programs might be coming for classrooms. Also, the transition to V5 may be multiyear journey for some organizations, so if I had six teams, I might do three this year and three next year.

We will see some more details tomorrow when the trade in program starts.

I don’t see mention of the discount coupon for motors, is that gone now?

Oops I did not see the end of the trade in program December 14, 2018 - so my multi year scheme is not an option for trade in program.

As for the coupon, it disappeared from the page - but will have to wait to see the details of the trade in application.

If I have my info correct the motor coupon is still there, it’s an “easter egg” pleasant surprise for teams when they use the trade-in program. I don’t think VEX needed to oversell the trade-in program with extras (it’s already a great deal), so they didn’t publicize the motor deal.