V5 no competition switch

hey so i found out that you dont need a comp switch to go to auto while your using v5. But when i try it it counts down but doesnt actually start autonomous. does anybody have any suggestions?


when we start it, the screen goes dark and starts blinking red while this doesnt happen with other controllers from other teams.

please help our comp is coming soon and we dont have enough comp switch to go around .


the question i am asking is how to run autonomous without a comp switch?

any help would be appreciated

please and thankyou

Did you use some sort of competition template ?
Are you on the latest vexos ? (1.0.2)

  1. i am using pros
  2. idk but i made a project in pros and started from there (if thats what you meant sorry idk what you mean)
  3. yes i am

please help our competition is coming in a week and we dont have enough comp switch so we are trying to figure out how to do it with a controller.

please and thankyou

Just have a button on the joystick call the autonomous function.
if(button pressed)

It is just a function

i am sorry if my questions are confusing but i will try again the question i am trying to ask is how to do autonomous using the autonomous option in the controller ?

Screen flashing red is most likely battery running low.
VCS has a built in competition switch I believe, try that.

I have found that going to your code from the remote control, and hitting completion then programming skills, will run the code in a programming skills 1 minute, and we just count down the 15 seconds to hat we need it for

this i what i wanna do but the thing is it doesnt run the programming skills auto for us, it counts down to 3 but then it doesnt do anything

Start with a simple autonomous - print something on the screen and move a motor for a few seconds and then build up from there.

i tried that too but it doesnt move the motors at all like when i click the option for programming skills it counts down to 3 while blinking red and then it doesnt do anything.

What did you try?

like a simple move forward 2000 ticks and it did nothing

If this works for you:

void autonomous() {
  pros::lcd::set_text(4, "Hello from autonomous!");
  printf("Hello from autonomous!\n");

Then the problem isn’t that autonomous doesn’t start, it’s what you do in autonomous :slight_smile:

i will try that but if it was my autonomous then why would it work using a comp switch ?

I was under the impression that your autonomous wasn’t working at all, even with a comp switch.

Would running your operator control code before autonomous prevent autonomous from running correctly? You could test this with a competition switch.

it doesnt effect at all