V5 no competition switch

How are you selecting your autonomous, with a pot or with the lcd?


Ok don’t know why that won’t work. The pot has been working for us w/o the comp switch. But…

My team wants to use the LCD to select auton. The comp switch allows the robot to be disabled before running auton. This allows the auton to be selected by pressing a button on the LCD. However, when they use the controller to start a skills auton, there is no option to start the program and select auton. The controller just runs the selected program slot after the 3 second count down.

BTW, they use PROS also.

@Sgarg14 Did you get a chance to test the simple autonomous


I sent you?

yes but some reason even when i comment my whole code and try that it just runs the code i commented.
and mine also blinks red even when its fully charged.

ok so the problem after the red blinking light (it doesnt happen anymore) is that it doesnt run the selected auto, so right now i have a potentiometer to change between autos and i have it set for testing (a range i made to test motors) but it runs red front. does anyone have any suggestions.

It would be very handy if you could post your code.

My whole autonomous ?

also @edjubuh

How do host matches, i know its possible, i also see an option but i cant select the option?


does anybody have any insight on how to do this ?

Hosting matches is not enabled in the current vexos release.

oh ook thanks for the response @jpearman