V5 not running programs

I am currently coding my autonomous, when I got here I ran the program once by plugging the controller into my MacBook and running it through the vexcode v5 pro app. It worked fine, but when i tried to run the driver control program to bring the robot back to me (I am too lazy to get up), it simply would not run. I clicked ‘A’ on the Run button in the program on the controller . . . nothing. Also, the controller is plugged into my laptop, but the program doesnt display that it is. the controller icon in the top right goes orange for a second or two, then goes back to gray as if nothing at all is plugged in. I tested the cable and the usb port on my laptop, they are working fine. I changed the robot battery, restarted the robot and my laptop, and even tried asking nicely. does anyone know what in the hell is happening because I am lost.