V5 Order Update Frustration

Just an update for any of you who might be dealing with the same thing. The morning V5 came back for sale I placed my order. I have called twice since then to “confirm” the “Ships on May 6th” status and was told both times that all items would be shipped on May 6th.

Today I got a shipping notice that my field elements were shipped, but not my V5 order. When I called to ask, I was told “Yeah, we released them all to the warehouse… you should get an email by the end of the week when they ship.” I explained the problem and was given the same response: they “released them to the warehouse.” When I asked why it still said “ships on May 6th” when it apparently will not, I was told “well, we got a lot of orders so it’s taking us a while to get them out.”

I already have taken enough heat from my school for paying for things that don’t exist and this isn’t helping. “Ships on May 6” is a VERY clear message – it doesn’t mean “the product goes to the warehouse and then we start putting things in boxes and mailing it.” For obvious reasons I am now worried about where we’re headed. The gentlemen on the phone, while polite, did not seem to see the problem I was having with this situation.

Did anyone here get shipping notification of V5’s today? When did you place your orders?


try to see how far you are from a distribution center. For example, I’m very close to a distribution center and I receive everything within a few days. If you are far away it may take a bit longer to receive your things.

His question was literally about the order not being shipped yet, the shipping time your talking about has nothing to do with this discussion.


I appreciate the thought, but I’m quite far away, and it doesn’t change the problem. “Ships on May 6th” means it leaves a warehouse on the 6th on its way to ME, not that product starts moving around between company departments. The fact that there would be any “we got a lot of orders” talk is beyond my comprehension. In fact, the website STILL says “Ships May 6” right now, so if the number or orders is somehow slowing things down, that should have been updated.

The bigger problem is that I spent much of the school year trying to explain to my superiors why the company that I had talked up so much was not going to send the things they approved payment for. Now today when I reported back that the items didn’t ship, they have even less faith in VEX and I look irresponsible in the system that I recommended and fought for in the budget.

I was completely forgiving of the original V5 debacle, but repeating it on DAY 1 of the second attempt is a pretty weak start.


Technically, it’s still May 6, so they’re not late yet.

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They have a highly manual process for shipping. When my V5 shipped, it was on its way before I got a shipping notification. Hopefully, that’s what is happening here.


I went to order a V5 brain and noticed they are completely dropped from the products page, no “8 weeks”, no “out of stock”, gone. Will the V5 brains only be available with the kits now?

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Thanks! Sorry about that, went to EDR > Products > v5 - all products, did not see it there and panicked…

Ah sorry for the confusion, I dont know the technical terms for these places. I believe you are thinking of the vex warehouse. I was referring to the distribution center, which is where the order is sent to to be sent to your home. In other words, it’s the last step in shipping, apart from actually receiving the product.
I dont know if vex operates like this, but other shipping companies do

Edit: dang thats a lot of “to” s.

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I feel like this post answers your question overall
(Sry for all these replies)

Hi Railgun.

Please note that post only referred to VRC Tower Takeover orders placed with Robot Mesh, not VEX directly. It is not applicable to V5 orders placed with VEX.

For Robot Mesh, all orders for V5 parts, that we have in stock, ship immediately. We currently have V5 System Bundles, V5 Competition Starter Kits, V5 Motors, V5 Batteries, etc, in our warehouse ready for same day shipment to customers within our sales territory of Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.


Sorry about that. Not sure why they wouldn’t have been appearing on that page. Fixed now.

@Gear_Geeks is correct. Once an order is released to the warehouse, it essentially sits in notification limbo until the contents of the order are picked from the aisle, packaged up, and assigned a FedEx tracking number. Sometimes, all of this happens and the order leaves our warehouse entirely before a shipping notification is sent.

All V5 orders were released to the warehouse today (or earlier) as intended, and our team there is working as quickly as possible to get as many orders shipped out today as possible. If for whatever reason you don’t get a notification today, I’d still expect for you to receive it sometime very soon. Rest assured, we are in a much better place now than we were for the initial rollout of V5.

@FARobotics: If you DM me your order number, I can try to check-in on its status.


@DRow: Thank you. Again, I apologize, that was not a complaint but a genuine panic attack reaction.

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Hey DRow - I DM’d you my order number, but I hope you can appreciate why “sometime very soon” and “as quickly as possible” are upsetting when viewed through the lens of the V5 rollout. This was an explicit date with a known quantity of orders. As soon as the number of orders surpassed what you can all handle in a day, the message of Ships May 6th should have been removed and those who ordered first should have been prioritized.

In addition, while I believe that your system doesn’t always show a shipping update, FedEx does - and I immediately get notifications from them when a shipment is generated to my address. I have not received that from them (but I did for my field elements).

It’s frankly concerning that anyone thought this was a good way to handle this – was it not expected that there were a lot of orders to fullfill? And if the product wasn’t going to be there until the 6th, why say it would ship on the 6th? Why not just say “ships on May 10th?” Managing expectations is important – when I tell the people who gave me thousands of dollars to buy kits (after having serious doubts after the V5 rollout) that the company is once again not quite sure when they’re going to ship… but I will be “Soon! We promise!” I look like I’m spending their money irresponsibly.

I don’t actually think there’s much of a discussion to be had here… you sold one thing, and when I called on the shipping date I was given a different time frame. Please just be forthcoming about situations so people can plan properly.


Are orders that were released to the warehouse still marked as “on hold” or is that a different issue?

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Still no update or further info and my FedEx account has no incoming shipments. @DRow Any luck with that order number?