v5 partner control?

anyone know if v5 have a partner control capability

From what my coach said you just plug in a normal cable to two controllers and WALA! you have a partner controller.

as in 2 v5 controllers?


Yes, that’s correct. You plug a normal V5 controller into another normal V5 controller.

in that case then couldn’t you have 3 controllers plugged together

That would depend on how they built the system.

There is only 1 port on each controller available for partner control. Any hopes of connecting more than 2 controllers together would require custom wiring. In any case, I doubt VEX set up the partner control ports (in circuitry or software) to support more than 1 slave.

from here press on controller tab

So yess there is another controller. I believe(if you check the picture below) that it is through that the tethering happens via the middle port.

A v5 controller has two V5 port and one “legacy” competition control port (that’s the middle one).
As mentioned above, you connect two standard V5 controllers by their V5 ports using standard V5 cable.

Yes, in theory, since each controller has two V5 ports, you could daisy chain a number of them, but neither the firmware nor the protocol would support it.
Keep in mind that only the primary controller (the one that was last tethered to the brain) is sending the data to the brain and has to format the packets with control updates. Those packets have a fixed format that send all data from both controllers at once.
The API is limited to two controllers too (see e.g. public RobotMesh API).

Now, would it be technically possible to update the system for more joysticks? Yes, within reason (bandwidth, daisy-chain latency, …), but why?