V5 partner controller

How you add a partner controller using he V5 system?

There is no official “Partner Controller” for V5 like the last generation of electronics. To have a 2 controller set-up, you just need to connect two V5 Controllers with a V5 Smart Cable via one of the ports found on the top of the Controller.

Before people explode about cost - the partner controller was ~$30 and the VEXnet Controller ~$150. The new V5 Controllers are ~$100, so two would be ~$200. For $20 more you are getting two fully functional controllers - always good to have backups!

I like the pricing on V5 equipment - good value all around.

You also don’t have to buy rechargeable batteries, chargers and VEXnet keys with the new controller. It’s a much better solution.


plus you get to message the controllers from the V5 brain …

“Ouch please don’t full throttle in reverse directions every second!”

Will we need to link the second controller to the V5 brain like the first before connecting the two. We plan to use Vex Coding Studio C++ to program what do you think.

I have one team using a partner controller so far. You need to connect the controller to the brain to update the firmware, but after that is connects to the master with a regular smart motor cable. Team is using Pros for programming it. VCS should be similar.

Thanks for steering the conversation away from price before we got to the inevitable (“now if only we could buy it…”) posts.

Haha! I was steering it away from the “it’s too expensive”… That said, you can order it now with the standard “ships in eight weeks” disclaimer.