V5 Pneumatics Kit Sourcing and Questions

The V5 Pneumatics Kit introduced some new and intriguing pneumatics parts that could be potentially game changing, most notably the variation of stroke lengths with its new pneumatic cylinders. The problem with buying parts exclusively through kits is one may need to buy several kits to get the necessary number of parts for a single robot which can be very costly in this case. That being said, I had a few immediate questions about the legality of different sourcing methods among others I’d also like to ask.

    1. Old pneumatics systems

Vex has banned the use of cortex systems shortly after it made the transition to V5 components during turning point. That being said, does Vex have plans on standardizing these parts across all vrc competitions and are they planning on deprecating old pneumatics systems as well? if so, what would a rough timeline of this process look like?

    2. Masking vex branding

The new pistons and reservoirs come with vex branding throughout its exterior which includes a reminder of the pressure cap. Is this a method of verifying the legality of the pistons and is it legal to mask, cover, or remove these labels for aesthetic purposes?

    3. Outside sourcing

Like I said earlier, it’s an extremely costly and cumbersome process to order several kits just to attain an appropriate number of pistons or reservoirs. Moreover, vex also permits the use of parts sold by third party suppliers (e.g. McMaster Carr, Robosource, Robot Mesh etc . . . ) so long as they are similar, if not, identical to the parts vex sells. Does this also apply to parts sold by the V5 Pneumatics Kit or do the components need to be bought exclusively from Vex’s website?


If the vex team is using the same tube diameter as before the old ones should work with the new pneumatics. I don’t know how vex could depreciative the old system with out going to our houses and breaking the cortex pneumatics. or changing the legal psi limit to being over 100.

I expect V5 Pneumatic parts will be available in the not too distant future. Patience while they get the first kits out.

I would not cover up labeling as it will make inspector jobs a more difficult.

The closed garden approach is a reflection of VEX’s core business (which is not competition robotics, but education). Not a surprised they developed a V5 kit following the same packaging scheme used by EXP.

I’ve pre-ordered kits for our MS club.


I mean a good Q&A question would be if you can source the cylinders and pieces from SMC because I assume they’re all standard sizes.

Wait until Monday. The new manual will come out. Personally, I wouldn’t invest anything in the old system as it will be probably be cut out at some point. Seeing what their plans are for this year will be a clue as to what they will do in the future.