V5 Power Down and VCS Bugs

After playing around with the V5 for a few hours yesterday I encountered a strange issue. If the V5 battery is plugged into the Brain or the Brain is plugged into the computer for downloading, you are unable to turn off the Brain. When you hold down the button it does the power down animation but when you release it, it immediately powers back on. The only way to turn it off is to unplug it from the computer and unplug the battery.

A video of this being demonstrated:

An issue with VCS that i noticed was that sometimes when you attempt to pull down the drop down menu for the program located in the center of the top of the screen, instead of pulling down the screen it just saves the program and the menu does not drop down. This can happen multiple times before you can even get the menu to pull down.

Another issue with VCS that i found was a visual issue when you attempt to drag and drop the code in the Vex C++ text mode. Sometimes if you swipe left and let go of the command it will stick to the screen and there is no way to get rid of it without closing the software.

I accidentally found this while coding and was able to replicate it here.

Some other weird cases i found within VCS are sometimes you cant scroll on pages of the software after tabbing out and back into it. The only way i found to fix it was to restart the program.

Here is a video showing that.

One more little thing i noticed in VCS was when you move around the pictures of motors or sensors, the ride side of the image seems to widen and shrink as it moves.

A video of that.

Other than these issues I really enjoy VCS and the v5 system. Great job!