V5 Prefetch Error

Whenever I start my program it says -

“Prefetch error !

This happened at random and I’m unsure on why it happened since it has been working for a while. The only things I’ve changed between each upload is tuning PID.

I’ve deleted all the programs on the brain and when I re upload the program it works a couple times then it doesn’t after a little while.

I know there is another topic with the same issue but the issue with their code couldn’t apply to me since I’m not using suspend.

Although I do have a task in my code (for odometry) that could be the issue but I don’t know how to fix it.

When testing it with another brain I haven’t encountered the error

See this.

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It stopped breaking after I uploaded to the other brain. I’ll update you if I come across the problem again but it was a very bizzare one.
He said he fixed it by not having a task suspended in a task but my task continuously runs and is never suspended.