V5 product update???

We haven’t heard much official from VEX since November about the status of the V5s.

Does anyone know if:

  • V5’s will be all shipped and in stock by July?
  • Cortex will still be allowed next year?
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I’m pretty sure that Cortex will still be allowed next year. I saw somewhere that, when they transitioned to Cortex, the old system was still legal for a few seasons.

Especially given all these V5 issues, I’m sure Vex wouldn’t outlaw Cortex just yet.

I really hope they increase the motor limit…

that would be sweet!

I called yesterday to see when we would be able to order more V5 parts I was told April-May. Hopefully they will have parts on sale at worlds. At this point I am just crossing my fingers that my students don’t break a controller because we don’t have another and can’t get another.

Can you go through your RSM? Or are they sold out as well?

If you are thinking about getting the V5 system at worlds, tough luck. Considering that there’s this problem of so many teams that don’t have V5 system, either VEX will not sell the V5 brain at worlds or they will go out of stock before you even have a chance to buy V5.

I hope they’ll only sell to teams who already have it and desperately need it because they broke something. It seems like the best way to make supplies last to me, but then you know that teams might lie to let their hands on it or whatever. On the off-chance they have any left, they could auction or raffle it off.

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I agree with this. I am pretty sure that Vex will not sell at worlds because of low stock. They probably cannot risk selling everything they have. I also think that may teams would lie to get V5. People are very desperate to get the advantage of more powerful resources, and to a lot of people, it would be worth being untruthful to receive those benefits. Vex really has to deliver the services promised, and fulfill the orders they already have. Then again, people who have the ability to make it to worlds could also be considered more deserving of the new systems, as they have the most skill/best robot designs.

If vex did some type of exchange at worlds that would be great so if someone broke a motor or brain at worlds and they did not have access to an extra then vex could have a trade in for the old broken part for a new one right there.


that is a GR8 idea

V5 FINALLY arrived for us today. EEEEEEE

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When did you ORDER???

Sometime in August according to the team. Hope you get yours soon too.