V5 Program won't download

Whenever I try to open the download for the Vex V5 this error code pops up.VEXcode V5 - InstallShield Wizard 1_26_2021 3_53_32 PM Does anyone know how I can fix this. I have tried going to the file it says, but I am not able to access it even as the admin.

Is it your computer or someone else’s? what does it say when you try to access the file?

Looks to me like you cant install VEXcode because you don’t have administrator permissions. Try talking to the owner of the computer (teacher if its a school computer). Are you sure you have real admin perms?


Yes. Its my personal computer and I used the admin code.

Its my computer. When I go to access the file it just tells me the folder can not be edited.

on windows, the “admin” isnt really the admin. fortunately, you can take control of protected folders. I dont recommend doing this unless you know what you’re doing because people delete system32 sometimes and thats a very bad thing to delete.

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