V5 Programming (C++)

So our key programmer left and now I am taking the task to learn how to code our robot using C++. The main issue is I don’t know how to program controller inputs. Anybody mind telling me how to do this? (Sorry if this sounds dumb.)

I recommend checking out the API Reference

Also, if you go to Example Projects (in VCS) and scroll down to Controller, you can find examples that will show you basic Clawbot programs. These cover button presses and analog joystick inputs.

Try this site, it has a RobotC to VCS C++ example translated from one to the other.

Look at the programming units of STEM Labs:


Im having issues with autonomous programming in c++, mainly there is an error when I try to put both Competition.autonomous and Competition.drivercontrol. plz help

Make a new thread, first of all.

In that new thread, post your code, state which language you’re using, and include a screenshot of the error.