V5 python read and write to file on sd card

Hi, everyone this is my first post so sorry if I make any mistakes. I am working on a auton recorder and the the route takes at lot of space to the point that the brain is running out of memory I know that you can write to the sd with C++ but i have not been able to find a way to do it with python I think you can do it with robot mesh but I’m not using robot mesh currently so if anyone knows how to do it that would be great!

You may find these pages helpful:


Oh, I didn’t know it worked like normal file opening in python I thought i was a custom vex class my bad thanks for the info!

Both are available.
Python has analogous calls to the C++ simplified API under brain.sdcard, but you can also use more standard Python fileio in the release from last month.

The brain has a lot of memory, how much are you using ?