V5 question for 2019-2020 competition

Hi. I was wondering if for the new competition that will be released in April if having v5 is a requirement because I am hearing many different things.

It will not. As v5 is not even available to order, it will be a while until it ships. Definitely not all teams by next season. Vex would not limit teams for not having an updated system as a result vex’s low supply for the extreme high demand of v5.

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Thank you very much although they will probably increase the amount of motors v5 are allowed to use which will put cortex based users at a disadvantage

Is this for HS or VEXU? U banned Cortex this year except for a few exceptions I think. I wouldn’t expect them to repeal this next season. HS will probably stay the same as it was this year.

Unlikely the number of V5 Motors will increase while Cortex is still in play. There were similar restrictions to keep a “level playing field” in many past games. The issue is cost to new teams compared to those around a while and have a big set of control systems.

I expect the 6+Pneumatics and 8 without for V5 motor limit to there next season.

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I don’t expect it necessarily, but I wish they would change to 7 motor+pneumatics for V5. I think that would be fair, and encourage the use of pneumatics.