v5 questionnaire

Really short fill out paper with 2 questions. Would be really appreciated if you could fill it out.
Thanks, Michael

v5 qestions

I don’t understand the second question. Would it be possible for you to revise it to make it more clear?

@kypyroI think I clarified what I meant now

Thank’s to everyone that has responded, I will post results later if anyone is interested

Was there a reason you used a google form instead of just two strawpolls?

@sazrocks i’m just familiar woth forms rather than strawpoll

I made an educated guess for the second question since no one knows exactly who is gonna qualify yet so I hope that’s alright.

If only there was a “maybe” option for the second question, as there are pros and cons to using V5 and V4 (i.e. would u rather have more power on the motors (V5), or more motors to use (V4)), or like if it stated the percent of world qualifiers would use V5. I just feel like I couldn’t make a good assumption on the second question.

@Alex | 7701T being honest I feel v5 has the leg up being that it is extremely hard if not impossible to stall the motors and also other benefits.

thanks so much to everyone that has filled out the survey here are the results