V5 Radio Disconnects Randomly

I am pretty sure that these two issues we are having are separate -

After about 10-15 minutes of usage, our radio will disconnect from our controller when being driven remotely. The only way to get them to pair again is to unplug the radio and plug it back in, or power cycle the brain.

We have to power cycle both the controller and the robot after connecting to a field control system as they refuse to connect to each other on disconnect.

Our firmware is completely up to date, and we have tried two different radios.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I run into this problem a lot as well. I don’t have a catch all solution but I find that spraying static guard on the field and robot can help. Also you can try ground the robot. If I understand it correctly the disconnections are caused by a buildup of static between the robot and the field. But I haven’t found a sure fire way to make sure that I won’t happen. But I hope these suggestions might help. :slight_smile:

We do have the anti-static tiles, so are you saying that there can still be static buildup with those? Would mounting our radio on the rubber links help?

Even with the anti static tiles I still run into disconnecting issues. I have never tried mounting the radio on rubber connectors before but that could work.

I know 2 ways which can help the radio issue. One is to place the radio as high as possible on the robot, and the other is to mount it on rubber links. I do both methods and it never disconnects.


the anti static tiles still do build up static. They just build up static at a lot slower rate. The problem with the tiles is they arent conductive so there is no way to ground them to remove static other than by spraying the field with static spray when you realize the field feels staticy.


can you lmk what spray you use
all of the spray weve used never actually do anything


Apply static guard to your practice field tiles. Use Heavy Duty Staticide made by ACL Inc.


This is what I use. But what was provided above is what VEX uses

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Is it recommended to apply that to the official Vex antistatic tiles? Is it needed for those tiles?

When disconnecting from a field control system (meaning this does not apply to a competition switch) that’s normal and expected behavior. However, you should only have to power cycle the V5 brain (or more accurately the radio). We made changes prior to worlds 2020 to improve radio reconnect time if signal was lost during a match. The assumption is that when disconnecting from a field control system the team will have finished a match and will be removing the robot from the field, usually it will be turned off at that point.

when connecting the field control system, the controller and V5 brain will connect using dedicated competition channels, the V5 brain will remain on the competition channel until power cycled.


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