V5 radio problem

ok so i was using the V5 radio on my bot and it was working for a while. However, after about 5 minutes of controlling my robot, it disconnected and i noticed that my V5 radio was not lit up. I went to check it and apparently it was quite hot. it was plugged into smart port 3 . After letting it cool down for a while it did not work anymore. Does anyone know what is happening?

Something you might want to do…1. try a new cable, 2. try a new port, 3. try a new brain
My radio still works even when it’s quite hot

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how hot is quite hot? very warm, or like something shorted in the circuitry kind of hot?

I have not heard of it happening either, even if you somehow get it to come back, I would call VEX support and let them know. VEX Support will document it so they can track if this becomes a trend, and might be able to get you a replacement.

Here is the information:

Office Hours 7am - 5pm CT
phone: +1-903-453-0802
fax: +1-214-722-1284
Toll-free: 833-29-ROBOT (833-297-6268)
Note: Our toll-free number is for product support only.

For returns, contact support@vex.com for an RMA Number and fill out an RMA form. More details can be found on our Policies page.

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