V5 render release thoughts

The first image/render that I’ve seen of the V5 educational robotics kit has been posted at the following URL:

In the image, we see the V5 and joystick, which both have displays. We also see the motors, what appears to be a new claw kit, and something on the left side of the robot which could be a sensor transmitter.

Personally, I’m excited for the new system.
What are your thoughts?

I’m liking the cortex but not so much the price tag ($1199)

new controller with display looks good, hopefully those new motors are better as well. I hope the new controller can stream FPV from the robot, it would be a useless feature, but it would still be pretty cool.

Wholly smokes I guess we really aren’t joking on the pricing of VEX stuff. Also, THEY ARE STILL BOX MOTORS :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

In all seriousness they do look way bigger, and I’m guessing any team that coughs up the cash to buy it will have a pretty significant advantage over those who don’t.

Also, so not useless.

they should make the new motors affordable, maybe a little more expensive because they are better, but all the teams with barely any money will have a serious disadvantage

Personally I don’t like the controller. Basically a remodeled IQ cortex, box motors, and the power buttons are way too big. Not space efficient.

Maybe the new motors will be compatible with the old cortex, but the circle-looking plugs on the side tell me they won’t.

didn’t notice those. hope they add some backwards compatibility, having to upgrade every sensor and motor would be a pain.

The price is also $1200, don’t know if its worth it. I definitely think the motors will have more power though because of the vents.

Has anyone else noticed that the wires will all be just like the IQ ones. Imagine extensions for those and cable management.

That pricing is not for what you think it is. We are reformulating every kit based on what we have learned from the classroom teachers and competition teams usage over the last 7 years.

The kit pricing will be VERY similar to what the Cortex kit pricing is with better features and enhanced robustness.

Additionally, the individual controller and brain pricing will be lower than Cortex and the Joystick today.

We will still be selling every current Cortex compatible part and Cortex systems for the foreseeable future. However, the motors, controller, vision sensor, robot radio, and battery will not be backwards compatible with the Cortex system.

Every current sensor, except the flashlight, will be compatible with V5. The 393 (and 269) motor and the servo will work for limited power applications in the classroom, but will not be recommended for competition use.

We are very excited to fully reveal this product at CES next week.

@Paul Copioli I don’t see any wires on the motors. Are they wireless or is this just because it is a CAD?

then what is the $1200 about? is it just the new cortex and some fancy motors? or the clawbot kit? or is that price tag not accurate? Im just wondering how much we will really have to spend on a new kit.

can you say how the price of the new motors and sensors will compare to what we have now?

@Paul Copioli Looks like you will have a 20x20 booth at the show. Will you be showing the V5 in the booth, or just the competition? Looking forward to checking it out in person!


The current ‘Classroom and Competition Super Kit’ is $1,049.99. The new price is comparable and still very affordable. Very nice.

Can’t wait to see what happens at CES next week.

The kit formulations are not finalized as we will be asking our Beta testers to make recommendations, however we will have the following kits:

Classroom Starter Kit - $550
Classroom Super Kit - $1,200 (will include V5 Vision Sensor)
Classroom Add-On Kit to upgrade from Starter to Super (still tentative)

Competition Starter Kit - TBD
Competition Super Kit - TBD
Competition Add-On Kit #1 - TBD (upgrade from Classroom)
Competition Add-On Kit #2 - TBD (upgrade from Comp Starter to Super)
Competition Add-On Kit #3 - TBD (upgrade above Comp Super)

V5 Motor - not to exceed $35
V5 Vision Sensor - not to exceed $70
V5 Brain - not to exceed $200
V5 Controller - not to exceed $100 (no need for batteries or radio as they are built in)
V5 battery - not to exceed $50 (LiFe design at 13.2V)

I will have Dillon start another thread to get some of your input on what you think should be in the competition kits as we value our community’s input and opinions.


PS - Mike, we will be demoing all of V5 and VEX Coding Studio at CES. Come by and say hello.

vision sensor? is that like some kind of object tracker, like using openCV and a webcam? whatever it is it sounds pretty cool.

Yes!!! 14v batteries are awesome! The prices are actually pretty nice.