V5 replacing VRC?

Because I’m a simpleton and I don’t understand things, is V5 going to be replacing VRC next year? Cause that would kinda suck to have to buy new motors and cortexes, and not be able to reuse other previously bought stuff.

Next year, V5 will be legal for competition use, but the old system will still also be legal, into the 2019-2020 season, if I remember correctly. @Paul Copioli noted that V5 will be hobbled a little to even out the playing field, and should be limited to 8 motors

No, there will be a multi-year transition period during which both V5 and VEX EDR (the current system) will be legal for use, with the expectation that the EDR parts will be phased out of the competition after that.

Just a statement about the terminology being used. VRC is not being replaced. VRC stands for VEX Robotics Competition. It is the name for the Competitions that we enter. VEX EDR is the name of the robotics platform that we use and that is not being replaced. What is being replaced is the brain (processor) that runs the robot, the controller (that the drivers use) and the motors, batteries, and ultimately the sensors. You will not need to buy new Cortexes as the Cortex will be phased out. The new robot brain is NOT the Cortex. It is the V5. There will be a 2-3 year time period where the old system (Cortex) and the new sysyem (V5) will co-exist. Eventually, the old system will be completely replaced. This happened before when the original PIC brain was replaced with the Cortex. I don’t mean to sound trollish, but it is easier to comunicate when the proper terminology is being used.

hm, so we have to raise more money to buy new gear, yay

As we had to do 11 years ago when we transitioned from the original EduRobotics kit to the VEX and PIC, then again 7 years ago when VEX transitioned from PIC to Cortex. Such is the price of progress. How many people still operate with 7 year old computers or cell phones?

Good point. Perhaps getting the newest phone this year shouldn’t be the priority for people. I’m sure you can use some personal funds for this. There are also sponsors…

Luckily, I have some grant money that I can use for the buy-back program. Since this change over has been in the works for several years, I made sure I set aside money to deal with the transition. It is not like the coming of V5 is a surprise. And my comment to @optic was merely to point out that technology marches on and it should be expected that one will have to replace the old with the new at some point.

I totally agree with this. In fact, I posted this on another thread:

Awesome! Technology refresh is essential in this day and age. I want to run over my current cortex with my car - and back up and run over it again. It’s kind of like the feeling you get when you hold onto your trusty PC for a little too long. It’s slow and it’s a dog, but it’s a sunk cost, so you don’t want to buy another one. But once you do, you kind of do a face slap and wonder why you didn’t upgrage a long time ago! I’m sure that’s how I’ll feel when I get my hands on the V5.

We, too, have been planning for and saving for the upgrade to the V5. I don’t want to use the current cortex even one second longer than I have to!

I’ve been planning for the V5 release for about 4 years now…

It happens. It’s needed.

v5 has been in the works for many years and we’ve also been planning for the transition.

I’m very pleased with the thought and engineering that went into the new solution.

yeah, but they are offering a trade-in system where you trade in the cortex, 2 vexnet keys, a transmitter(controller) battery and maybe something else, to get 50% off the v5 system and a coupon for 30ish % off motors, which is not limited in numbers, but in use(1 time use, unlimited # of motors)