V5 Robot Brain secondary touch display

One drawback of the touch screen is that is sometimes difficult to reach from the alliance station. It would be nice to be able to connect a second touch screen to the robot brain that can be placed on the opposite side of the robot.

https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2273.html :slight_smile:

But seriously, I agree with you. And I’d like to see a wireless download feature and cheaper cartridges as well. But it seems like vex is so far behind on actually shipping the parts they have created that they don’t have much time to create new ones. Maybe in a few years :stuck_out_tongue:

Still waiting on wireless downloading… hopefully they meet that January timeframe that was reported.

I’ve given up on hardware equipment for the time being. It takes 8 weeks for a v5 battery charger to be shipped.

I ordered some motors and batteries with chargers in early August. A partial order arrived yesterday. Gotta love vex.

how much would you be willing to spend. A simple LCD was $50. I don’t want to imagine what a remote color touch screen would cost.