V5 Rollout Date?

Does anyone know the timeline for rolling out the V5 program? I see on the site that it no longer states May 1. I have also heard there are production problems. So, when will we be able to get the V5 components? If August is the date we can turn things in, what is the turnaround? That cuts it INCREDIBLY close for those of us using the equipment to teach!

I would expect to hear some sort of announcement at Worlds, regarding when V5 will launch.

I would also expect an announcement, but it would be nice to know what is going on when we set our budgets, when the school district allocates money.

I use these robots almost every day of the school year. I can’t afford to send in everything I have and then have nothing for the first month of the school year.

Late August/Early September was the last I heard.

I hope that’s false. My school has a competition in September