V5 Rules documents

I just want to confirm-
All the rules are defined in Vex Robotics Turning Point Game Manual and v% Brain Robot Inspection Checklist at the start of the game is the only checklist. Is there anything else that one needs to read - as far as rules go? There is a mention of VUR rules - are they relevant for a V5 system and if yes- where to find the right document for those.

In addition to the Game Manual, you should also read the RECF Code of Conduct, and if you have time, probably also each question and answer on the official Q&A (especially if you have a question about one of the rules). For Skills, you should also read the Robot Skills Challenge appendix.

If you want to receive judged awards (e.g. Excellence, Design), it would be good to read the Awards Appendix.

VUR rules are for VEX U. They would apply to a VEX U team (all of which use V5 this year), but not a VRC or VEX IQ team.

In the autonomous mode- the only ways to score are toggling the flag positions and hi/low scoring the caps? Is it possible to get the parking-related points too in the autonomous mode?

You can park on your alliances low platform. You can not park on the high platform in autonomous.