V5 Sensor Compatibility

I’m sure this has been discussed but what is the official word on current sensors compatibility with the v5s? We would like to know if they are compatible or not before sinking 80 dollars into potentially obsolete gyroscopes. @jpearman

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Current sensors will operate as normal via the 8 legacy ports on the v5 Brain microcontroller.

If this doesn’t have to be competition legal, then any cheap analog Arduino compatible gyroscope should work (just make sure it is not rated at 3v only).

Even if current VEX Gyros could still work with v5 they easily drift and are subject to errors due to the robot vibration.

I would expect that if v5 has a new Gyro it would be 3 axis and would have a newer chip that is less susceptible to thermal drift and mechanical interference.

All latest chips in our price range usually have 6DOF 3 Axis Gyroscope+Accelerometer with some sort of digital interface like I2C or SPI, so it would make perfect sense for VEX to use them on the new v5 digital ports.

Given that there are still legacy ports on the side of the cortex, it could be assumed that it will still be compatible with old components. Since no sensors have yet been upgraded (that have been announced at least), the cortex should still be able to support all old sensors.

However, it would be best to wait until Worlds when the features of V5 are announced in full.

What if the cortex has a gyro built in?

That would be terrible. The optimal position and orientation of the cortex is different than the gyro.

We know that the Cortex has never had a gyro built in and the V5 doesn’t either.