V5 Sensor Limitations

When deciding whether or not to use the V5 for the upcoming season, my team noticed that there are only 8 usable 3-wire sensor ports. This is quite a large problem for us as we have almost always used up all 20 sensor ports on the cortex in previous years and the only thing you can plug into the new style ports on the V5 are the vision sensor, motors and robot radio. I understand that the motors have built-in encoders, however, you can get far more accurate tracking by using external encoders on separate, unpowered wheels, as demonstrated by our programming skills run at worlds. As such, I was wondering if there were plans to release something like a port expander that would plug into one of the new style ports and allow you to connect something like 8 more, 3-wire sensors. If there are plans to release such a product, will it be ready for competition use in this years game?