V5 Shipping Status

My team’s mentor just emailed us, and this is an excerpt from that email.

“Per the sales rep with whom I spoke, the V5 should ship “sometime between May and July, or at least this summer.” That’s a quote - I’m not kidding.”

Well, at least it’s not estimated to ship in Fall.

Nice to see you back! That’s too bad. It’s even worse thinking about all the stuff my mentor wanted to buy to accommodate three teams, though.

yeah, i think the updated site erased all the data of who’d been banned

I doubt I’ll have v5 for my first comp next season, if I do It will be highly surprising to me.

You were banned?

Long story. Let’s not get into it publicly. I was there when it happened. Might be better to start a pm to discuss it.

Welcome back mate, everybody look out for him.