V5 Simulator

Do you think that having a simulator built into VexCode to simulate the V5 Brain would be useful?
Personally I think it would be great.

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I believe this was discussed before, but I think it was meant for VCS. But since VCS became deprecated before having such a feature, I am not sure if/when this will happen in vexcode.

You have to clarify what you mean by “simulate”.

Are you just looking to emulate the touchscreen, with some extra debugging data that might be useful?
Are you just wanting to step through your code with some predefined variables to make sure the logic works like you think it does?
Are you expecting a full physics engine with simulation of motors and sensors on a model of a robot?

Those are all very different concepts of a “V5 Simulator”, and they require drastically different amounts of work to implement.

Regardless of what exactly you had in mind, there’s nothing stopping you (or anyone else in the community) from implementing such a thing yourself :slight_smile: It could be a good long-term project for someone looking to improve their programming skills!


And worth throwing out there LVGL that pros uses for managing graphics has a standalone windows utility for testing screen code. And @jpearman in his personal time got LVGL ported into vexcode (note, no official support).
So debugging screen code in emulator without a robot is totally possible today.

Also RMS mimic is pretty cool and goes a step beyond just emulating the screen.


Sorry, didn’t clarify. I meant to emulate the brain’s display to test graphics as well as seeing if logic works, it would be much easier to just output something on the display then have some simulator with a motor move to see if the logic would work. I believe it would be useful for users trying to program their V5 from home where the robot may be somewhere they can’t go.

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Are you aware if we can download this anywhere?
If so that would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Here you go. Porting LVGL to VEXcode Text this thread also has some other versions in it as well.


Thank you so much! :grinning:

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