V5 Smart Cables vs Commercial Cables

Hey everyone!
Our shipment of V5 arrived (finally) and we were very excited to get to work until I got news that a couple of my friends on other teams had their new motors fried. They claimed that its because of the smart cables and that when they used commercial cables they crimped themselves they worked just fine.
I just wanted to check and see if anyone else has used this as a solution as I have seen a couple threads discussing this issue. One of my advisers told us to not put the power past 50%, which though is a quicker fix, concerns me how the smart cables were meant to handle a heavier load than normal cables.
Now if we were to be able to crimp our own, what are the cable types? From what I have heard they are Rj9/Rj10/Rj22 connectors and 4P4C cables, but I just want to make sure with you all.

4P4C refers to the connector, also known as RJ9,10, 22.

The cables themselves are custom specified for the load of V5 devices. A standard 4 wire flat cable with 26 awg with may work, but it won’t be ideal. And it’s ok for testing purposes but know you’re accepting responsibility for all the risks it entails.

It’s not legal for competition.

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So does anybody know what AWG would work? I need to make wires for my classroom and am not concerned about competition.

I’m pretty sure the V5 is a custom size for vex, not commercially available. Fortunately, their bulk cable doesn’t seem too overpriced.

I think they are custom for VEX, I would refer to this article for some more explanation. V5 Cables

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Penny wise, pound foolish. The V5 Cable stock is not that expensive - you can use your own connectors or crimper.