V5 Smart Motor Overheat

I just recently received my shipment of V5 parts. I unboxed and tested the brain with a single motor. It worked for the first time, with a directly link with joystick. I then connected the radio to test the joystick wireless. Now the motor will not respond, (red light power is indicated, brain detects motors) and displays in the event log “Motor over temp level 4” on each port I attempt. Also, it hasn’t even been attached to a robot.

Is this motor dead? I haven’t attempted a different motor yet. Any assistance is appreciated.

Have you tried testing with other motors? Restarting the brain? Restarting controller? using different cable?

only thing i have not tried is different motors.

Try that. It will tell you if your motor is the issue or not.

if it is the motor is there a way to “reset” it, or would it need to be returned?

Not sure, I’m pretty new to v5 myself.

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How long have you given it to cool down? From our experience power output returns after only few minutes. 5-10 is plenty.

Could you hear a high pitched squeal from the motor?

I’m teaching so it’s been at least an hour and I tried again. Still the same thing

I don’t remember hearing anything. I just unplugged the motor to reconfigure the joystick and when I went to retest, it gave me the error message… Like I mentioned before, it isn’t even attached to an axel.

I am inclined to think that it is a bad motor, though testing with another motor should help clear that up. If it is the motor, I don’t know of any reset available though if someone knows of a motor reset I would welcome that knowledge myself. Let us know if a different motor works.

Also, are you using the base code on the V5 or are you using a different code that you made? That could be an issue as well. Are you using VCS or some other coding software?

It was literally fresh from the packaging and I got the error from just testing the motor.

However, after I was able to do more testing, it seems like the motor. I tried 3 different motors with different inputs and they all worked fine. Since I was brand new to V5 I wanted to make sure.

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Put that motor aside and test all the rest of them (when you can). Test in both directions and with a light load on it. After that, they should be workhorses. If they have that high pitched squeal or won’t move at all, they need to be returned. I have had a motor or 2 not work right out of the box, but after contacting VEX Sales, they replaced them immediately. Giving that quick test when you have large orders is pretty helpful.
Good luck!