V5 Smart Motors


I had a quick question about the V5 smart motors. Is it possible to arrange a motor, bearing, and shaft collar on a metal plate as shown in the picture, or is there not enough space?
Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 9.31.36 AM.png

based off the CAD from VEX website, you will only be able to fit any one of the two.

Ok, do you think one of the vex iq shaft collar things would fit?

I dont think products from the vex IQ line are legal, if weight isnt an issue, then you can replace the bearing with a drilled out shaft lock bar and use it as a bearing

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But from the looks of it, i would recommend using a lock bar drilled with a shaft collar

If you need to use a collar and a bearing in the motor side, it’s easy enough to space the motors away from the plate/channel if you have enough room.

Rubber shaft collars are legal, I’ve used them many times during Starstruck and I’ve never been stopped in the middle of inspection for it.

The way I have my plate set up, moving the motor any farther away will be out of size constraints.

Can you explain this to me? I think I get it but I’m not sure.

Or you could just file down the bearing flat from the side opposite to the teeth to the correct thickness that you need in order to fit the shaft collar. This might make the axle a little wobbly (very slightly) but as long as you are supporting the axle on its other side as well, it will make absolutely no difference. I have tried it in places where i needed to do the same setup as yours @2775Josh and it works perfectly fine.

You could slim down the bearing flat, the whole thing or just on that one spot. You’ll lose some of the value from using the bearing flat, but not a ton. Bearing flats can be cut pretty easily.

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For clarity, look here: https://www.vexrobotics.com/shafts-and-hardware.html . The rubber shaft collars from VEX IQ are legal because they’re the same as the ones sold in VEX EDR. (Note: There are actually two similar shaft collars in VEX IQ, and only one is available through VEX EDR.)

Yes, this is legal, but i would recommend against it because they are only a little bit thinner that the metal shaft collars and do not work very well with holding shafts in place, at least with vex edr applications.

Alright! Would a metal file work to slim down the bearing flat?

Yes, a metal file will work fine, though it may take a little while. I personally used a disk sander.

or you could just use a hacksaw to cut it to the right width. Dont use a dremel or something for this because it can easily slip and mess uo the cut or hurt you. if you choose to cut instead of filing, use only a hacksaw.

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