V5 Status

I am working on purchasing for next school year. I am wondering if V5 will be available by september?

The current ETA is April 12th

Wow! like orders will resume?

Right - you might be able to PLACE a V5 order mid-April (of course, no guarantees on when you will RECEIVE said order…).

@Bearcats - Yes, V5 will be available for purchasing by September for the next school year.

@Sylvie - I’m not sure where you are getting your date from, but it did not come directly from VEX.

Here the official VEX position: At this time, we don’t have an exact date for when orders will resume as our top priority is to ensure that all backorders have been fulfilled . We encourage you to visit our online form at https://www.vexrobotics.com/v5-update and add your e-mail to be notified when V5 ordering re-opens.

We did send out a message to US customers, with V5 currently on order, that we expect to have all backorders shipped by April 15th.

We are monitoring how quickly backorders are being fulfilled, as well as our inventory levels as more products come in, to determine when how soon we can get V5 back up for order.


Thanks All! I added my email to list.