V5 Stock Update?

It’s been a few months since V5 batteries have been in stock and few weeks for V5 motors. Additionally, some sensors such as the rotation sensor are also out of stock. Is there a timeline for when these items will be available to purchase?
It appears that purchasing a starter kit or competition kit is the only way to get a battery or motor at the moment but these backordered at the moment. However, for teams who have already purchased these kits, this would not be a viable solution.

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I would recommend asking local teams for loaners.

RECF and VEX are closed this week for a well deserved break.


The problem probably stems from a combination of the chip shortage and global supply chain issues. A great number of parts are out of stock, and there really isn’t anything anyone can do except make use of what is available and what we have. If parts are desperately needed like v5 electronics, reaching out to other teams around you is probably your best bet.


Yes, there are teams in my region with loaners (or willing to sell) so I’ll reach out to them. Thanks for the help! Hopefully the supply chain issues improve soon.

Does anyone repair v5 motors legally, read threads that opening motors is against competition rules. hard to teach a system when parts are not available. also missing is that grant money is many case expires making backordered product worthless is never received within grant timeline.

Contact VEX support and see what they can offer to do in warrantee or out of warrantee period. That would be “legal repair”.

As for teams needing extra motors (or other out of stock material) for competition reach out to local teams for loaners - you can check with your RECF Team Engagement Manager to point you to teams in the area if not already connected with them.

In past week sending out V5 Robot Brain loaners to teams in my region and out of region. Why? it is the right thing to do to support one another. I include club swag with loaner, and hope get some of their club swag back with loaner end of season.

Motor loaners are probably easier to find.

Unclear in your question is if this a classroom need or competition need.


Merely opening/disassembling motors is not against the rules (as long as you reassemble them before your match :slight_smile: ). Only modifying motors is illegal. This is indeed unfortunate, given that many motors are repairable, but have to be thrown away simply because it isn’t legal to actually repair them.


Or you could make a nice trophy :wink: