V5 super kit w/ TONS of extras for sale


If you are waiting for an excellent used super kit, this is the one. Approx 2 years old. Not used a whole lot due to covid.

The metal is not all cut up. The cuts that exist were made on the marks (multiple of 5 holes) so you have sort of ‘lego’ pieces… not a bunch of random lengths.

Comes with 8 heavy duty storage boxes, 7 for parts and 1 for metal.

I pulled my vex invoices and the total comes to around $3200 for all this, more if I count up ALL the tons of shipping charges.

Far as I remember, all brain ports are good.

In the list below, for fractional quantities, that’s where I split something between 2 kits. Quantities are approximate… you may be over/under slightly on screws but ALL major items are accurate.

Make an offer… If this moves ahead some… I can put up some pics.


Screws/etc are not stripped out. Metal is not all banged up/bent up. At least 2 unopened boxes 1x2x35 aluminum in the metal box. In short, this kit is as good as they come.

Where are you located? Shipping might get expensive (I am in Bay Area California)

Central Mississippi.

I know the v5 kit is 1) backordered and 2) current price is $150 higher.

We’ve added the most sought-after components to the super kit: aluminum 1x2x35, stand offs, chains, sprockets, gears, shafts, spare motor, extra wheels of several types, etc.

A team could build practically any bot without ordering anything extra. All batteries are excellent and probably have only 40 cycles.

How much are you asking for it?

How much do you want for the c channels and v5 electronics set?

I messaged you about the post

Sorry. I can’t break it up. Too much stuff to try and move it in pieces.

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If you are interested I would take the time to read through the parts listing in post #1. I can add more pics if needed.