V5 System Bundles Shipping with Bad Download Cords

Hey guys,

We recently received 2 V5 system bundles and none of the download cords that shipped with the kits appear to work.

Here are the steps we have taken to attempt to fix this issue

We have tried Cord A with 2 different brains
Cord A has been tried on 12 different computers
A different cord works on both Cortex A & B
Same process for Cord B

We have therefore isolated the issue to the cord and we are able to download programs using another cord. However we did want to bring this to Vex’s attention.

Note: The 2 kits were ordered about 4 weeks apart, on at the start of August and the other at the start of September

It’s just a microusb to USB-A right? If so, you can buy them.

Yes we do have extras but it would be nice for a $1000 equipment to ship with a working cord that like 5 bucks


Did you contact VEX Support? that would be the way to bring this to VEX attention. 2 bad cables and how many good cables shipped from VEX?

I think your posting this is premature, you should work with the vendor (VEX) to work this out.

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This would make sense. Vex needs better quality parts.

I will contact vex support tomorrow morning, thank you for bringing that to my attention. As for the number of cords, we only ordered 2 kits and both of them were not operational

Hey just want to make sure that you don’t think I did not think it happened. But the original post, as well intentioned, appears to say this is a systemic problem with a sample size of 2. I have received 30 V5 kits - not one had an issue with the provide cable… This does not imply VEX is perfect either. Just different batches, and it could be one of their suppliers of cables goofed… it happens - hence, a call to VEX Support makes sense.

I do wish to commend you for a nice summary of what you observed and steps you took - that is good engineering/testing … Keep it up - that discipline will help VEX Support sort out the issues.

Best wishes this season!


Of course I can understand everything you just illustrated with the 30+ sample size and the imperfections. I posted this thread to see if anyone else who has recently received a V5 kit has experienced similar issues

I would defer to the district with 3000 robots being deployed to detect a systemic problem (or the whole community last year with delivery estimates… and as such totally understand why we need transparency…)…

My middle school lab has a lot of robots being built all year long, for classes, math enrichment, club and competition teams, so I do feel the need to know about such things, but try not to draw conclusions too quickly. As I said - sample of 2 robot kits too little to draw big conclusions, but good conversation to have with VEX Support. They are pretty responsive. I remember in old systems (Cortex V4 or aka Legacy …) there way a mismatch between EasyC and firmware (VEX released firmware, and Intellitek did EasyC…) - of course out of sync - and you had to know about the secret “ignore firmware version” to get it all to be happy. Crazy stuff - but VEX support answered the phone within 2 minutes and I had answer within 3… on a Friday before tournament …

Remember I said don’t take sample size of 2 , well same goes with contacting VEX Support - do be aware response time may vary and you may be asked questions about order number etc. work with them - it will be ok.


Micro usb is probably one the worst connectors to have ever been made. On amazon you can get magnetic usb connection to avoid destroying your port.

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Also, contacting VEX will help them determine if there was a bad batch and can get them to go to the source of the problem. The more information they have the better then can diagnose the problem.

Would probably cost them $0.26.


Vex should just use megnetic connections for the controller and V5 brain

Or switch to Thunderbolt 3

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Honestly, I very much disagree with that. While I actually use magnetic micro usb cords for my brain, I would much prefer all VEX devices use USB-C instead of magnetic connections. If VEX used magnetic connecters only, they would almost definitely be proprietary, which drives up costs for replacements and for the initial purchase. With the standard USB ports, I can buy a high quality magnetic cable or use an actual cable if I want to, and I know that there is a cheap amazon replacement if I break the cable.

I wouldn’t be opposed to buying new brains/controllers with USB-C instead of MicroB though. For a system that will be used for possibly a decade, I’d like to have the (IMO and others opinion) best USB connecter out there right now used on all devices designed for long time use.


Well there only needs to be so much information transfered when a program is downloaded. and most computer don’t have thunderbolt

While I would agree, that the cost would be driven up, connections quite often loose grip, causing the port to be damaged over time. Vex could include a magnetic cable, so in case it is lost, users can still use standard USB C.

Eh, the only reason I use a magnetic cable is to protect the port. With type C, the port is significantly stronger so you wouldn’t have to worry about wearing it out.

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