V5 text 2 controller issues

Hello Vex Forum.
I am an assistant coach for a team, and we are having trouble programming 2 controllers with vex v5 text. We have tried all methods of instantiating 2 controller objects, including using the configuration window and instantiating them manually within the program. The main issue is that when we program it to be controlled by a primary and partner controller, the primary controls do not work yet the partner controls do. Any help is appreciated.

Make sure in the statements that control your motors that you are using the right controller. For example, if you want the primary to control with a button you can use primaryname.ButtonX.pressing() and if you want the secondary, use secondaryname.ButtonX.pressing()

Seeing your code will help us fix your specific issue.


After taking a closer look at their code when they sent it to me to post on the forum, I found the issue. They had their controls configured so that both controllers could control each function of the robot. They were doing so with separate if statements, so the second if statement (which was for the partner controller) was overriding the first. Thank you for your quick response though.

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