V5 text programming

Hi I’m new to vex V5 Text programing and am curious to how it works

To be more specific it’s Vexcode V5 programing

Even though VEXcode Text for V5 has been released, it is still not quite ready - It is now listed as version 0.9. I wouldn’t recommend starting your text programming journey with such a new text editor. For one - Setting up motors and sensors is way more difficult, as the only option is configuring it with text - No graphical setup help.

VEX abandoned VEX Coding Studio, but it can still be used to learn the ropes. You’ll be able to easily convert code you wrote in VCS C++ Text to work in VEXcode Text, as both use the C++ language and mostly the same commands. (Copying and pasting probably won’t work, you’d have to make some minor modifications to the code first) If you’re not into using a dead platform, try RobotMesh Studio and choose to program in C++, also to enable you to easily transfer programs to VEXcode later on.

That said - If you really want to start using VEXcode Text, click on the file tab in the upper left corner and then choose “Examples”. Have a look at the structure and familiarize yourself with the commands. (The editor does have auto complete, so you’ll be able to start typing commands and choose the correct one from a dropdown list)

Keep an eye on STEMLabs, at the moment they only have Blocks programs, but VEX is pushing the whole V5 / VEXcode ecosystem hard and the training for VEXcode Text will appear there soon enough one would hope.

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VEXcode is out of beta and version 0.9 is the first release considered stable.

As new as it may be, it is leaps and bounds better than VEX Coding Studio and has received much more support. Plus, VEXcode is based on the same editor as the popular Visual Studio Code IDE, giving it a much more mature footing to start with in the first place.

Also, text-based motor and sensor configuration is really not that hard. If it was, neither the Arduino platform (targeted at beginners) nor PROS would be nearly as popular as they are. Even ignoring this, I would personally never recommend using a dysfunctional IDE like VEX Coding Studio just to get a graphical motor and sensor configuration tool.

This is all a relatively moot point anyway, because this exists.


You should start by taking the time to learn (pure) C++. Then, you will be able to understand the API and examples well enough to do pretty much anything in VEXcode.


Ok thanks for the advice

Once you’ve got some C++ skills down, you can see the VCS/VEXCode API reference here.

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