V5 Text Vision sensor code is no longer working?

Hi, we wrote a code in VCS C++ to do this

The same code transposed into V5 text no longer works. I can’t find anything in the code commands or online that explains why.

This is the main structure of the code (PID variable calculation bits removed for simplicity of the post).





Update: We’ve written a test code and it appears that the camera is not returning information to the cortex. It is configured for the object and sees it in configuration, but is not returning the information to the cortex and code about its existence.

Update2: The plot thickens, VCS code no longer works either. I believe all my firmware is up to date, we’ve tried different vision sensors and a different cortex, different codes using different commands… all fail to communicate information about the object seen - this information can be seen in the vision sensor configuration.

Never mind people of the web… problem solved, dead cortex ports!!! the port wasn’t detecting the camera on either cortex we used. Just happened to try and use dead ports on both…

Future advice, check the devices on the cortex and see if it recognizes the camera.

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