V5 Timeline

Hello all. I know that we have not heard really anything(that I can find) from VEX since November about the v5 Systems and when we might be able to expect them. Our team made the decision to trade in our cortex systems for the discounts, as we are on a tight budget and every dollar saved helps. Our concern now is that we won’t be able to get the new v5 systems for the next season next year. We are currently borrowing a cortex(s) from our engineering department at our school, but we might not be able to do that next year. Does anyone have any idea on when v5 Systems will be available for purchase and shipping for next season? (Would them being shipped for late summer or early school year be a reasonable guess?) Thanks!

Email VEX sales: sales@vexrobotics.com

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Based on what I’ve heard from people calling VEX Sales, not before March. It’s likely that they will be made available for the new season, but likely not before then

I would say there is a good chance not till after Worlds. There are still many teams who haven’t receive their V5 systems they ordered in Sept and Oct.

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When did your school order them? The schools who ordered them earlier tend to get them earlier.

We did not order them yet which is our concern. We traded them in after they stopped selling, since the trade-in program was ending, but we were believing that it would likely be available to be purchased for next year. With the lack of updates and schools that already purchased them not even having them yet however why we were just a little concerned.

I’m just mad that the one middle school team we have was the first (only one) to get V5.

If its after worlds that is still fine for us as we have ours that we are borrowing for this year. Hopefully its soon after.

We did the trade in after the sales stopped and have not received our codes. They might have stopped giving out codes while they are not selling.

We did our trade in after the sales stopped too but we did get our codes. I’d try emailing their sales team about it as we only received one code when we sent in multiple, but we emailed them and they got it fixed fast.

We emailed them a few weeks ago and still have no response :frowning:

At this point anything’s possible. I’d say there isn’t a chance of buying new equipment from VEX.com until next season kicks off in August ‘19. My team as well is in a predicament since we sent in Cortexes and will need to create another team next year (we now have not Cortex gear and only 2 v5 sets)

For what it’s worth, I ordered 6 V5 Classroom Clawbots in Mid November. I called VEX two weeks ago and asked for an eta, they didn’t have one. They suggested maybe March.

I received them today. We are in Northwest Ohio.

We ordered our V5 in October. Vex told us we would get it in January but another team we talked to said that Vex told them that they would get V5 in June/July.:confused:We probably won’t get V5 before our states competition.