V5 Trade-In Specifics

My school’s teams are planning on (hopefully) converting to V5 in the coming year, but there is some information that we really need in order to have our orders done in time that I can’t seem to find anywhere on the forums or the V5 page on the VEX website.

I know that some details of the trade-in program are supposed to be released only after the beta testing phase has been completed, but I think that these questions are broad enough that they can be answered without it being done:

  1. Will the 30% (or so) discount coupon on the V5 motors be received only after the actual trade-in is complete? If so, will the coupon be sent with the V5 bundle itself, or will we be sent an email with the coupon as soon as VEX receives our trade-in?

  2. Kind of piggybacking off of the last question, is there any way in which the order of motors can actually be sent with the V5 so that we receive everything at the same time? I’m not sure how this would work with the discount, but perhaps when we send in the trade-in, we could specify an amount of motors that we’d like to order, or something like that.

  3. Can we at least get some sort of estimate as to when the V5 bundles will be sent out? I’ve heard rumors that it won’t be until August or so (even though the program starts in May), but I can’t seem to find any confirmation of this anywhere.

Hopefully this information is available, because my school really needs it in order to place our orders when we can.
Thank you for your time, and hopefully you can help us sort this out.


  1. The 30% discount code for motors will be emailed after we receive your trade-in VEXnet System.

  2. Yes, after you receive your discount codes simply place an order at www.vexrobotics.com and add all of your coupon codes on a single order.

  3. August*