V5 - upgrade shopping


I have my V 5 pre-ordered. I know I will have to buy motors and cords. What else should I budget for? About to start my annual begging!


I was thinking that we’d need at least one extra battery (maybe two), a partner joystick (which is the same as the main joystick), and possibly one or two spare joysticks for when the kids aren’t so nice to them…

You might also want to invest in the crimping tool (FAB-U-LOUS tool!) and some wire and connectors. And motor cartridges so you can change speeds in the motors. And vision sensors if they’re not already included in the bundle.


I just found this and am using it for prices too…


The VEX site still doesn’t have a good V5 product list. I didn’t even think to look for third-party sites.


oof, gear cartridges are $10 a pop. thats quite a price hike considering we only get one (200RPM) in the new motors while the onld ones came with 2 (100 and 160RPM) and the old turbo gears were $3.25 a set ($12 for a 4 pack).

Odd that a third party website has the cartridges while vex still says “coming soon”


Wow! So to get 8 of each cartridge will be an extra $160. V5 looks awesome but the crazy high prices could be a barrier for new teams. I’m not sorry I have school funding this season…


I won’t be surprised that it will be sgd 300 by the time it reaches my side…


Or the Robot Mesh V5 site, which has had V5 products up for the last month or so.


I don’t see anything on there that’s not already on the vexrobotics website, whereas the idesign website has complete cables, cable stock, cable connectors, a cable crimper, and all the gear cartridges listed.


and the site says every thing is in stock!


oops, not so fine print says, pre-order lower down on item page.


Does anyone know if local resellers get the V5 system the same time as VEX (in Greenville)? Or do the local reseller gets their systems from Greenville?

Just wondering if I’ll get the V5 systems faster from the reseller or VEX directly.


It depends. :slight_smile: Since most resellers drop-ship from VEX in Texas, their delivery time would be the same as VEX’s. A few resellers (like Robot Mesh) have their own warehouses, and will ship from their own stock or drop-ship from VEX depending on a lot of factors. At Robot Mesh, we will use the method that gets you your parts fastest (if you are in our territory).


Thanks for the reply. I’m torn as to supporting our local reseller. They never stock enough variety, use to charge a 10% premium, and are the reason I cannot order from Robomesh anymore. At least they are strict pricing now and sometimes have a sale. Though finding anything useful is unlikely.

I was thinking that VEX might send V5 system to their resellers before sending to direct orders. So the reseller gets V5 from the first set of shipments. Of course VEX could be stock piling to meet demand, even if they cannot ship all on the same day.


Just wanted to give a quick update on this, V5 Smart Motor Cartridges, V5 Smart Cables, and V5 Custom Length Cable tools are now available to pre-order on the VEX website. They can be found on these pages:


The VEX website says that the 600 RPM cartridges will ship in August. At the EP summit last week, many understood that they would not ship until December. Can you clear that up?


Thanks. This and similar updates are greatly appreciated.


@DRow Am I missing something, or is the step to strip the cable insert the cable between the stripping blades, between what are currently steps 1 and 2, missing?


Also, @DRow, is any information available about the wire specifications of the cable stock? Specifically, I would like to know:

  • Wire gauge
  • Wire composition (100% copper, copper-clad aluminum, etc.)
  • Stranded or solid core
  • Number of conductors (just 4, or are there extra, unused conductors?)

Finally, are the connectors 6P4C or something else? It’s difficult to tell from the image.


The only permissible cable stock for V5 is the one provided by VEX - it is a custom configuration as noted in the Q&A.


Right. I keep forgetting to regularly check the Q&A with it being on RobotEvents now… I got spoiled by only having one feed (this forum) to check.

In any case, I would still like the information for non-competition purposes, and I’m probably not the only one.