V5 using Vex Pro Motor

Hi so i have a very random question but can you use vex pro motors with a V5 brain. I am only asking this because when I was looking in vex coding studio, which I know is outdated, In the C++ Pro in motor setup it showed something called Motor Victor.
At the time I had no idea what it was so I looked it up and it was a vex motor controller for vex pro motors and it has the same 3-pin header(technically only two are actually there) so I wondered could you in-theory control a vex Pro motor with a V5 brain. Anyone have any input they would like to share?

I looked into this once and the victor uses the same PWM pattern as the motor controller 29 used to drive 393 motors. So any software should work if you just define the motor as any other 3 wire motor.

excellent video showing setup with cortex

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