V5 vex block code for H drive

This is a very elementary coding problem that my students and I have been unable to solve with the block coding. When their robot design includes multiple motors that control wheels, we cannot figure out how to use a single start block if several of the motors need to function at the same time. What happens is the motors run sequentially. Other than using different start blocks for different motors, we haven’t been able to solve this problem. The students have built H drive robots and we are trying to work out the block code to get them to drive forward and then sideways.

The essential problem that you are facing is that by default, VEXcode movement blocks are set to wait for the motor to stop moving to continue to the next step. To fix this, you would:


I’m not too familiar with blocks but I have found that in text using the bool && allows you to set multiple controller axis inputs with an H drive

if(Controller.Axis1.value() > x or < x && Controller.Axis2.value() > x or < x){

basically take the 2 inputs and put them in 1 function separated by an ‘&&’
in the this case for blocks i believe there is a ‘and’ block.
you can then add the outputs you want to the ‘then’ part of the if statement.
I gave the if statement as an example along with the controllers.
usually you can have 1 start block for multiple motors.

I’m sorry if that was a bit difficult to understand as I haven’t coded with blocks in a good while.