V5 VEXos Bluetooth support

Can i run a program with Bluetooth instead of using a cable? If so, how?

What type of robot do you have? And how are you connecting with Bluetooth?

I have a vex edr. I am trying to pair the device on the computer by putting the wireless rectangles that connect in the robot and the computer/

That won’t work. Without a lot of hacking you can’t connect with the vexnet key plugged into computer. Also it isn’t bluetooth. You have to use wire to joystick to wirelessly download.


The VEXnet keys (wireless rectangles) are plugged into the cortex and the joystick, so that you can wirelessly control the robot. Before you do this though, you need to download the program to the cortex using the USB A-A cable from the computer to the cortex. Next you need to pair the joystick and cortex (see link below) and then you can operate them wirelessly.


There is no way to connect the computer to the cortex wirelessly. If you have the extra programming hardware cable, you can plug the joystick into the computer allowing you to download wirelessly to the cortex, but that is different than what is outlined above.


Well you can do it over serial connection from the Cortex to Bluetooth like Bots N Stuff group did with the HC05 library.

But it is an absolute ton of work and a wee bit choppy in the communication. Not worth the effort if you can use the good old Vex equipment.


You could make a connection like that to send debug information but couldn’t download code which was what he was asking about. You could start your program with BT msgs pretty easily though.

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You can also buy a wireless usb which should serve the same function as a usb, but they are not all fast enough to run live (10 FPS).

First of all, be cognizant of the fact that this is a 2-year old thread revived only by spam bots.

Secondly, what are you even talking about?

The wireless USB “wires” are just two radio connected usb ends that communicate like a USB cable. You can buy different speeds. (Sorry about the frames thing. I am stupid and trying to type fast :))

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Sorry, the firt part didn’t show up: sorry, I had not realized how old this thread was.

@Grant_Cox Can we do it now? Assuming that the programming environment you choose supports it.

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No programming environments support it yet. The first platform to be implemented will probably be iPad.


Can we rename this thread as it is 1 year old ? For example “V5 VEXos Bluetooth support” ?

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I was reading this thread, hoping for a solution to connecting V5 brain to laptop computer wirelessly. Then I stumbled upon this solution: connect the controller to the laptop via USB cable. Then I could send programming to the brain wirelessly. Worked great. Much better that wiring the brain every time.