V5 Vision Sensor

So with the possible scoring capabilities of the new V5 Vision Sensor, is it possible to use it with the old cortex and motors? Or does it need the new V5 cortex in order to function? If it is possible to use the old cortex, how would you go about coding it with Robot C?

The Vision Sensor is not compatible with the Cortex. It will only be compatible with the V5 System and VEX IQ.

In that case is it possible to use the old 393 motors with the new Cortex?

yes, it should be possible. the V5 brain has the 3-pin ports that the 393´s use.

*not well. The motors will run slower than your used to and have almost no torque.

also, you may not use 393 with a V5 system in competition.

Beyond @tabor473’s point that the motors don’t work well, there’s also the fact that you are not allowed to use 393 motors attached to a V5 for VEX competitions.

Also… I converted an old Cortex clawbot to V5 by replacing the Cortex with a V5 brain, and plugging the 393 motors into the 3-wire ports. The robot worked great for about 5 seconds, then it would nearly stop. The 3-wire ports all share one 2-amp power supply, which is not nearly enough to power a working robot. Combined with the 5-volt output of the 3-wire ports, which means the motors run more slowly, it is not a workable solution.

On the other hand, on our first all-V5 robot, I started with a claw with a 393 installed, and that worked great. There was only a single 393, and claws generally don’t work as hard as arm lifts or drive train motors.

TL:DR, don’t use 393 motors on your V5 robot.

Not meaning to be a troll, but it is not the V5 “Cortex” or the “new Cortex”, the new system is V5, the old system was the Cortex. It makes things a lot easier when the proper terminology is used. Thank you.