V5 vs cortex unfair at worlds?

Do you think that V5 has an unfair advantage @ worlds this year
I think i saw only one v5 lose connection
Any cortex bots lost connections at least once per match
Do you think that there should have been a cortex division to compensate

Our sister team disconnected 4 times. We had v5 though, and we were fine.

We have cortex. It was nearly impossible to practice on the practice fields due to disconnects. During matches we disconnected in 2 matches, one being eliminations. Both were for a minute plus and both match affecting. A cortex division would be great.


We were still using cortex because our V5 orders weren’t shipped in time. Every match the PTC in our drive motors tripped and we lost connection… Field tech was just like “uhh it’s probably your Cortex”. We switched cortexes twice and it didn’t help. It was impossible to run any defensive strategy. I am usually not the one to point out unfairness but this is crazy

However I don’t think there were 97 Legacy teams at worlds to make a whole division

It is however worth mentioning that very few legacy teams made it elims in the HS Division

As far as I am aware these are the number of Legacy teams in elims per division

Science: 0
Tech: 1
Research: 0
Engineering: 0
Arts: 0
Math: 1

We used cortex, and I can agree that disconnects at practice field were very bad and often, but we never disconnected during a match luckily.