V5 vs Cortex

As many of you know, V5 is coming out soon and that means that many teams are transitioning to the new system. However, with this year’s game having so many components, such as flags at different heights, flipping and scoring caps, and parking many people are unsure about V5 being the best system to use this year. So which system do you think that will be the best for this year’s competition?

I am no longer competing in VRC, but if I were, I would definitely go for V5 (assuming I could get my hands on everything that I needed). All of the added benefits of using V5, outweigh all that was wrong with the Cortex system, and even though you have a limited amount of motors, I still think it is possible to create a high performing robot.

Honestly I like the idea of having more motors to use, so we’ll start with the Cortex, but it might make builds much more interesting, and perhaps more powerful, to use V5…especially with that new vision sensor. High-level teams will probably end up using V5 eventually.

My team is planning of transitioning over. Depending on when we receive the new V5 hardware it is going to be difficult accounting for the differences in power and UI. We are most likely going to use the cortex or a different method to get our prototypes running in the meantime and will have to wait out for the new hardware before we compete.

We will be moving to V5 as soon as possible. Although your point about there being many components to the game is valid, the V5 motors are approximately 2.5 times more powerful than the 393 that you are replacing. Given that, a two motor V5 drive is equivalent to a 5 motor Cortex drive, etc. Add to that the fewer reliability issues, (no more cable extensions, no more little 2 and 3 pin connectors, no more worrying about the wires into the motors fraying and shorting, etc.) to me makes V5 totally worth it. And since you will only have until December 14 to take advantage of the buy back program, you will find yourself paying much more for V5 later.

We’ll let’s say a 2 motor drive.
a 1 motor intake for caps, and a 1 motor device for balls
and 2 for an arm to lift these intakes. You still shouldn’t have too many problems.
Your drive should be able to contend with an old 4 motor drive.

It really depends on what you intend for your robot to be able to do in the competition.
I believe you can use the Cortex for one more season, then in next year’s game, you’ll have to be using the V5 system, so that still gives you choice for this season.
The team I’m helping out with are eager to get going with the new technology as we think that V5 will be beneficial to have and we’d still be able to have a decent robot.

In a nutshell, do some research on the game, how you want your robot to score, how you’re going to go about that and how many motors will you need. Ultimately, you’ll then find the solution.

But this year you can have reduced price with the V5 trade in

Yes, that is a good point also.
Again, do your research and see what you want the robot to do and how that’ll be done. Then you can factor in any potential costs. Hope this roughly solves your question, Entropy.

My parents just said that instead of birthday stuff I had to wait till may 1st and they are going to pay for my trade in so I’m getting V5 so if anybody has questions once I get it I’l answer the questions.