V5 White Screen of Death


Right after the BC provincials my team tried to recreate the WSOD to try and identify the cause. We tried many things, such as smashing into a test robot really hard, building up static to the point where you would get a nasty shock when touching the robot and drove into a robot, and hitting the field walls. We did not WSOD once. Our conclusion was that it probably had to do with a combination of things: static and the impact. We believe that it might be the combination of the battery cable partially disconnecting, creating a wonky connection, and the static shock (since we couldn’t recreate it on our field, the provincials field must have not been grounded well).



Today we had a tournament, and we experienced two white screens of death in the same match (our alliance and us). First our alliance white screened when we touched them (we didn’t slam into them hard of course), and later in the match we WSOD when our opponent just very barely lightly touched our robot. I have footage of the match, but all it helped me is that I saw how lightly the other team touched our robot. (leading me to believe it wasn’t caused by impact; at least not this time).