V5 wireless console output with Robot Mesh Studio

With the release of V5 vexos version 1.0.6, Robot Mesh Studio now supports wireless console printing via the VEXnet controller:

  • Similar to wireless download, connect your computer to the V5 Controller using the USB cable.
  • Use the latest online version of Robot Mesh Studio at https://www.robotmesh.com/studio or download the latest version ( of the Desktop edition, or rmbuild from https://www.robotmesh.com/desktop.
  • The firmware on your V5 will be automatically updated to 1.0.6 by Robot Mesh Studio if necessary.
  • Use console output commands (print) in your program to send information back to the computer’s console over the wireless connection.

Robot Mesh V5 Blockly
Use the print block in the Robot Mesh tab.

Robot Mesh V5 Python
Use print "Alert"

Robot Mesh V5 C++
Use either printf(...); or std::cout <<

Robot Mesh V5 JavaScript
Use console.log("Information");

This is a deliberately minimal release at this stage of the competition season.

Robot Mesh Studio is a comprehensive programming suite for VEX IQ, VEX Cortex and VEX V5. Supporting online coding on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks!


That’s a small but important update, even this late in the season.